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RN Faucets

RN faucets supply the most satisfactory experience with the breath taking design and its premium performance. We have a vast range of shower faucets, sanitary faucets, kitchen faucets, delicate medical use faucets, innovative faucets for the washbasin area providing all the luxurious feel. RN Valves & Faucets target audience that are looking for beautiful designs at affordable prices. Buy luxury faucets online from us. RN has all types of faucets that come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and features. Always make sure that your brand new faucets go well with the wash basin design that you have chosen. RN faucets provide a luxurious feel & perfect bathroom solutions to every house. 

In every landscape of ceramic, the tap could be a jewel that ought to hold heed and supply the required statement or flourish that your luxurious restroom needs. Professionally designed Faucets play a significant role in manufacturing a luxury bathroom like never before. The breath-taking design of luxury bathroom faucets can take your bathroom excellence to the next level. With the revolution in the RN industry and designing standards, the luxury bathroom practice is more reliable and durable at the same time for modern bathroom needs.

Flourish Your Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

Smooth and glossy finish bath taps give the minimalist and aesthetically pleasing look with an antiquity finish. RN manufactures fancy taps for the wash basin area that provide a sleek curve giving an imperial and rich look to your ordinary bathroom. With the pretty detailing; the taps are an important part of the bathroom or the kitchen. 

Buy Online The Perfect Faucet Tap

With the sheer increase in designs, styles, features, sizes, and functionality of the designer faucets, taps for the wash basin area, it might get difficult to buy the perfect faucet tap that you are looking for. Furthermore, with the overabundance of faucets online, the task can even get more challenging without practical experience. One of the most important reasons why one should always research the top most brand faucet brand before purchasing it. Every faucet has its own place and they are used accordingly in different areas. For instance, the kitchen tap cannot be fixed in the bathroom. 

RN provides an expert helping hand virtually to the buyers that are willing to buy faucet taps online. Buy online taps with the tenacious built; beautiful bathroom and kitchen fittings. Go through our wide range of faucets online and keep yourself safe. While choosing a perfect bathroom faucet, you should keep few things in mind:

⦁ It is crucial to overlook your future bathroom faucet while we understand looks are also important but always ensure the durability of the tap. 

⦁ It would be best if you always understood the hand wash sink design before setting a faucet there. Also, the type of faucet for your washbasin that would go with the overall look of your bathroom.

Why should you choose RN faucets?

RN is a homegrown company that grew by the trust and love of its customers. RN provides a wide range of modern taps for both bathroom and kitchen faucets online as it makes your house a top notch designed place. Our collection of luxury faucets are created with explicate and steward by a reputable creator. We have designer manufacturing units with world class labs that ensure every faucet including the sanitary tap, kitchen tap, and shower taps provide the great height of quality with regulatory standards. RN bathroom taps are among one of the favorite wash basin taps online. RN bathroom taps stand top notch with their unique and affordable price range and quality. 

Bringing luxury at an affordable price. Voguish, modern yet classic faucets that go with every interior possible. With solitary features, the faucets work seamlessly and have a strong build that made them stand steady for many years. Astonishing every look specialist designed by our experts with mirror look technology that safeguards the faucets from dust. Well molded handles of the faucets have the best day to day use with giving all the luxury feel.

RN bathroom & kitchen taps online have 27 different ranges of faucets that suit almost every interior. The collection of modern trendy basin faucet taps includes pillar cock, single lever, sink cock, swan neck faucet, and many more. The RN wash basin faucet taps come in many colours, sizes, and features. RN ensures the perfect tap designs would suit your wash basin area.

→ Nickel chromium coating

Nickel coating allows a distinctive combination of corrosion and resistance. The coating of nickel adds brightness, radiance and interest. Additionally, it provides adhesion properties for ensuring coating layers. While nickel is highly durable and makes the faucet long lasting. Moreover, it doesn’t show fingerprints or any water splash mark. 

→ Cartridges

The cartridge is the heart of the bathroom and is a tool that is responsible for managing the water supply in taps. The faucets work seamlessly even at high temperatures and at different pressures. These cartridges are experimented twice under the supervision of experts to give a trouble free experience to our customers. 

→ Aerators

It is a device that mixes air with water to give a smooth and splash free flow. Additionally, it prevents clogging as the aerator filters dust particles and sediments.


⦁ An astonishing modish range with a super flat top handle and a curve at the end. The collection has the best minimalist yet amazing look.


⦁ The bold yet beautiful design of the Edge range gives you a fine class experience. Providing a clean geometric line with mirror reflection. The collection has your dream faucet.


⦁ The sober design with solid curve spout and long drop handle of the Ellen Collection has beautiful designs. Specially designed for your modern bathroom. Creating a sultry design making your choice of alluring bath space. 


⦁ Providing a solution for your damaged or undesired faucet handle. Additionally, we provide quality assurance and guarantee period on all our ranges but in case of any mishap, you can get the exact same handle of your desired product. 


⦁ The attractive designs of the range will never go out of style and will stay with you forever. Its superior design and classy finish make the collection perfect.


⦁ Ultra flat punch hole design of the marvelous & bold design. The collection is desirable and has an extra edge that allows better grip for daily operation.


⦁ The range offers an absolute spectrum of faucets that gives all the luxurious feel. The trajectory design with curved handles enhances the overall look of the faucets.


⦁ The absolute masterly yet mesmerizing range is eye-catching. With a curvy look and polished high end chromium plating, it reflects an elegant look. It gives you the true essence of serenity. 


⦁ Blistering looks with a satisfying firm grip and a tenacious architecture that reflects a bamboo like and tilt flattop that provides an unorthodox look. The contemporary design with a unique blend gives superior performance.


⦁ The absolute combination of hardcore built with minimalist design. the collection adds a sheer sophisticated look of elegance to your bath space. Providing aesthetic durable experience. 


⦁ The range comes with an extented end handle with a tenacious build and a curved tip for clean and hygienic use.


⦁ The collection is all about class and style. We make your imagination come true. The drop edged design is built with an impregnable architectural form.


⦁ Built for high end regular use with a high class range. The collection adds charm to your space and reflects the light. 


⦁ Our Rose collection has the most zestful looking faucets with the perfect blend of comfy touches. The cylindrical handle of the faucet provides a smooth grip. 


⦁ With prominent functionality and trendy modern design, the Sachi collection is eye pleasing. With the hint of traditional European design, the collection provides faucets solidity. 


⦁ The Silk collection has a classic yet astonishing design with a smooth and elegant finish. The modern and creative collection is simply stunning. 


⦁ The beautiful collection is perfect for the new aged bathroom. The stylish and graceful design is what made the collection unique. 


  • The ultimate range of eco series is the real value for money faucets. Made of high-quality materials, these chrome-plated faucets are durable and long-lasting. The designs of the eco collection are made with precise details and the affordability adds up the charm to it.


⦁ Perfect for regular use, the collection is eye-pleasing. The Boom collection is heaven for the people who love modern design. We bring you the inclination collection of your choice.


⦁ The masterly design of the collection with a hint of modern touch. Ciaz collection has an astonishing look with an authentic knob allowing a perfect grip for daily usage.


⦁ Turning your dream faucet into actuality with the Fizz Collection. The range has everything extra, with an additional tailed drop handle and a long curved spout shaft. Fizz Collection is designed with attention & delivers an authentic character of products. 


⦁ The collection offers appreciable marvelous faucets. It makes your bathroom and kitchen unique and adds the sturdiness that everyone wishes. The refined architectural design of the faucets is impeccable & gives you a flawless balanced flow.


⦁ Astonishing built and marvelous look giving you the reason to revisit your space again. The polished cylindrical body adds real charm to your kitchen & bathroom. 


⦁ Experience the fine precision with a spectacular range of faucets. An extra long spout and curve edge sums the tremendous composition. 


⦁ The luxurious range for your kitchen and bathroom is unique and is highly durable. The slim curved tip of the Treo collection has a smooth grip. 


⦁ The rigid cylindrical finished body with the flat curve end makes the collection impeccable. Experience the exposure of unorthodox design with the Zoya collection.


⦁ Give your bathroom an aesthetic vibe. The crisp body and the curved handle are the new definitions of unconventional design.