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About RN Valves & Faucets

RN Faucets Private Limited

23 Years of the RN valves and faucets

RN valves and faucets India’s fastest growing modern bathroom Solutions Company, established in 2000 by Mr. Rajeev Jain (managing director).

Being a totally Indian brand, RN Valves & Faucets deals with Indian made products with global level technologies.

The products designed with the Indian fine tradition of Exquisite craftsmanship, precision, and modern technology provide an astonishing experience for young consumers.

RN valves came into existence in 2000 in order to provide an Indian alternative for basic to luxury bathroom usage of Indian consumers. With the increasing demand for products and services across India, the company established a workplace in New Delhi with over 200 employees and more than 1000 dealers and distributors across Indian.


To be the brand that encourages people all over the world to rediscover the pleasure of water. To be a forward-thinking, inventive, and lifestyle brand that provides affordable luxury for inspired living. RN provides optimal, high-quality solutions to its clients. Our highly qualified and creative employees are happy to assist you in optimising your manufacturing process.


With a prime mission of reaching every household, RN Valves & Faucets works with the most promising team to provide the products like never before. The innovation and technology development in RN industries pulling out our best work forward for the complete satisfaction of the consumers. RN Valves & Faucets is promptly moving forward to establish an indian brand to a global market.


We firmly believe in building strong trust factors among our customers by providing them with the best value for money products specialized for their own needs. Putting efforts in understanding the balance of right affordability, high-class quality, and desired design, we regain our true values in fulfilling all what customers crave and offer a range of products that satisfy the basic needs with pure elegance.

Offering cutting-edge designs and energy-saving products that are proudly manufactured in India!


Acknowledged as India’s Most Promising Brand

RN recognised as India’s Most Promising Brand by Global Real Estate Congress
Launched our factory in Sahibabad with the certificate of registration.
Over 500+ employees work here.
Currently launched new series of faucets


Successfully exhibition of faucets and debut on all social media platforms

Every year, we have a successful product display. Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi all hosted exhibitions.
We successfully managed to archive authorized dealers all over the country.
Successfully made a space for the RN family in the capital along with 200 employees.
RN made its debut on all social media platforms Our website was launched


Got our quality management application

Our clients' trust has risen to new heights. Various varieties of faucets have been introduced at various price points to satisfy the needs of customers
We execute the full application of ISO90000 Quality management system from design research, development, and manufacture, as demand increases and we are trusted by the customers.
RN bathroom accessories portfolio has been expanded to encompass a full range of lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications.


Growth of the firm

We added new members to our RN family
The products demand contributed to the growth of the customers' love and trust. As a result, faucets with fashionable designs with some new valves were also released.


Launch of the company

RN Valves & Faucets came into existence
Valves were launched offline.

Exposed part Kit - RN
With an experienced development and research team, the products are designed in consideration with the modern-day usage and lifestyle of the Indian community. With a vision to evolve into a “complete bathroom solutions” RN valves constantly work into establishing new and innovative designs that can help in providing a whole new bathing experience to the consumer.
The primary purpose of providing high-quality products with affordability, RN Valves deals with value for money products, with the core vision of growing our brand in every Indian household and making it available for every class of our society.
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In This 23 years of RN valves and faucets journey, our approach of coming closer to the actual needs and synchronizing with upcoming demands of the consumers helped us making our products more useful and valuable products and hence building trust among our consumer family resulting in the immense growth of our company in just a little span of time.

  1. Value for money products
  2. Assured quality
  3. Modernized design
The youthful and exuberant spirit of the organization resonates in our experimental designs that constantly challenge the status quo and are trendsetters. Today, RN Valves stands for one of the Indian’s most promising and trusted brands which speak about its quality and customer service policies making it a big name in the field of modern bathing solutions.

The variety of products offered by the company provides a high class feel in your bathroom arena along with the green innovation, we keep our promise to the environment intact by offering advanced solutions for water and energy-saving products resulting in the pocket and environment-friendly range for long-lasting usage.