Our Introduction

People like enhancing their experience in every little way, be it in the bathroom and anywhere else. We, at RN Valves, understand these small but precious needs of our customers are fully committed to delivering nothing but unmatched bathroom products. Whether you look at our products aesthetically, experientially, or technically, the premium segment of RN Valves is what comes to your mind, first up!

Pick any of our faucets or valves, the thing that strikes you the most is their function and form. Our designs are exquisite too! At RN Valves, we understand that our products need to meet the global standards of safety, ergonomics, material, finish, and functionality. That’s why we have designed and developed products that are truly world-class.

We are proud to have a dedicated and strong Research and Development team that is among the best you can find anywhere. Our equipment and cutting-edge processes that are employed to carefully design and produce faucets and valves are sure to provide you value for money proposition. This is guaranteed. Our constant innovation coupled with sharp brains ensures the quality checks that each of the products goes through before reaching you are of international standards. Whether you look at our products from an aesthetic point of view or functionally, you’re sure to get what you were looking for and even more!

Management is all about doing the right things. In other words, we all strive towards implementing our vision. The reputation that we have been able to build in the market has been largely due to our customer-centric approach with building strong brands, no compromise on quality, nurturing community at large, supporting environmental initiatives, and building strong distribution channels. At RN Valves, We have these principles guiding us all the way through and to ensure we achieve stakeholder respect and sustainable growth.

Mr.Rajeev Jain

Managing Director

Our Story

RN Valves started its business operation in 2000 and has never looked back since then. From the humble beginning, we have had in 2000; we have grown considerably to include more than 1000 dealers and distributors that are spread across India. We are proud of this fact and promise you to continue this growth journey in the future as well. Today, our manufacturing plant located in New Delhi is the workplace for more than 150 employees. Our unit that is spread across 3 acres is at the center of all action! We continue to script our story from this place and look forward to serving you with great products and excellent service.

Something About Us

RN Valves is a company that truly believes in enforcing sustainable practices so that a practical balance is attained between nature and development. As a team, we are committed to investing our time, resources, and energy to help you do your best for nature. At the end of the day, the earth on which we live has to be as good or even better for our future generations.

In our endeavor to contribute to this noble cause, RN Valves has taken giant steps. We have been continually striving to achieve a fine balance between functionality, design, and sustainability through our wide-range of faucets and other bathroom fittings. Our aim is to meet the global standards of safety and minimizing environmental impact whilst providing our customers with their desires.

As a company, we like to keep products simple, stylish, and effective. We help our customers in conserving water while providing them with an experience that is truly satisfying.

In this regard, we see to it that the materials, components, and technology that go into making each of our products are special and are proven to deliver results on all fronts! Whilst we are committed to providing you perfectly designed and efficient products, we also see to it that you’re not sacrificing on your wonderful experiences!

Our Mission And vision

RN Valves has kept its mission simple and clear. We strive to provide an unmatched experience to our customers through a wide-range of products and services, all backed up by solid technical expertise, with an incredible supply chain in every market we serve. It is our passion to serve our customers in an upright manner and in all fairness. We are also committed to the development of all our channel partners.

It is the vision of RN Valves to build top-notch faucets and bathroom fittings that define the industry with brilliant ideas, fool-proof technology, and impeccable craftsmanship. We work towards improving the lives of our esteemed customers and associated though exceptional products and services.

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