No one works for money alone. People work for a future; and for expression of their true potential. An individual is the driving force of their career…they guide it; grow it; and achieve success. Jobs are owned by the company, but an individual owns his career

If you do not have the insight to choose Effective Action vs. just doing things to get by, no matter how skilled you are or how long you have been in the business, you are not likely to succeed.
Job ID Job Title Qualification Experience No. of Seats () Job Location Action
1061 CRM Executive Graduation in any Stream 2 Years 4 Chawri Bazar Apply Now
1062 BDO - Ornate Accesories MBA / Graduation 4+ Years 1 Chawri Bazar Apply Now
1063 ASM - RN MBA / Graduation 7+ Years 6 Chawri Bazar Apply Now

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