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The primary purpose of providing high-quality products with affordability, RN Valves deals with value for money products, with the core vision of growing our brand in every Indian household and making it available for every class of our society.

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Wall Mounted Sink Cock,Swivel Spout With Flange
Product Code : RNORA24G09
Product Size : 15mm(/2")
Wall Mixer With Provision Of Hand Shower With Crutch
Product Code : RNSOL24G12
Product Size : 15mm(/2")
Expose Part Kit Of Concealed Stop Cock/Flush Stop Cock
Product Code : RNAMA24G40
Product Size : 15mm(1/2")
Long Body Foam Flow, with Flange
Product Code : RNG2P19A33
Product Size : 15mm(1/2")

RN valves and faucets India’s fastest growing modern bathroom Solutions Company, established in 2000 by Mr. Rajeev Jain (managing director). Being a totally Indian brand, RN Valves & Faucets deals with Indian made products with global level technologies.

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Completely engineer pandemic human capital via reconceptualize installed base niche markets.

Enter the dream like experience of bathing

RN valves came into existence in 2000 in order to provide an Indian alternative for basic to luxury bathroom usage of Indian consumers. With the increasing demand for products and services across India, the company established a workplace in New Delhi with over 200 employees and more than 1000 dealers and distributors across Indian.

With an experienced development and research team, the products are designed in consideration with the modern-day usage and lifestyle of the Indian community. With a vision to evolve into a “complete bathroom solutions” RN valves constantly work into establishing new and innovative designs that can help in providing a whole new bathing experience to the consumer.