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RN provides the best shower panels for the bathroom with the most adequate experience. The top notch quality of the bathroom showers has the most astonishing designs with high end performance. The wide variety of jungle led showers, exposed shower sets, hand showers, magnetic shower, overhead shower, hand shower, shower arms giving all the luxury feels. RN Valves & Faucets have a vast variety of designs at affordable prices. Buy bathroom showers from us available in different designs, shapes, features, colours. Bath showers from RN provide the perfect bathroom solution.

Discover your Ideal Shower for Bathroom

RN Bathroom showers are delineated to bring a span of experiences to let you give the perfect shower of your choice. We have a wide range of jungle led showers, exposed shower set, hand shower, magnetic shower, overhead shower, hand shower, shower arm that provides a special shower experience.

RN Valves & Faucets showers are designed by experts in such a way that it delivers the right amount of consistent and accurate water scatter to each and every nozzle. The bath showers provide you a wide range of showers that matches your bathroom aesthetic. We aim to provide you with the best shower that will never go out of style. Experience a unique flow of water and shower experience that you desire.

Advantages of Use of Bathroom Shower

The shower has immense benefits, let’s take a look at it:

⦁ Improves the appearance of you 

Using a shower ameliorates your hygiene and makes you feel fresh and clean all day. Additionally, the use of a shower gives relief in pain through hydrotherapy.

⦁ A painless workout

The use of a shower relieves your muscles. It helps in reducing the pain in muscles that occur because of stretching or a good workout.

⦁ Improves your overall energy

The best way to start the day is to take a shower, as it restores the energy that you need throughout the day. Research shows that cold showers earlier in the day help to keep laziness away by removing the sleep hormone.

⦁ Boost the blood circulation

The oxygen flow in your body is increased by the good circulation of blood that helps to reduce the tiredness and fatigue from the body. 

⦁ Decrease tensity

A cold shower assists you in diminishing the stress after a long and tiring day. In addition, it expands the intake of oxygen while taking a shower. Eventually, it reduces the tensity level in your body. 

⦁ Provides better sleep

It provides a relaxing and cozy bath that drops the body temperature. In addition, the dropping of the temperature leads to better sleep giving you the perfect amount of peace.

Types of RN Bathroom Shower Online



The dynamic range of shower sets provides the excitement of pure bliss. With the high-end build and cutting edge design, RN shower sets are a step forward in the field of luxury bathing. With attractive features like multi-flow hand shower, overhead shower, body and antibacterial shower hose, and more in just one set, the RN shower set is the right choice for every bath space.

The thermostatic exposed shower sets come with a well gripped handle for wet or even soapsuds hands.

With multiple color options and additional space for your bathing needs like soap, shampoo, hand towel, etc; these exposed shower sets beautifully design your bath space with great functionality.


Experience bathing like never before, the new generation range of jungle LED showers is the new definition of luxury. The LED lighting enhances the experience of authority and provides an essence of pure bliss. The remote controlled LED panel allows you to modify your bath. Available in 4 different mist options, these showers are made for a tremendously personalized showering experience.


The magnetic shower is an experience of sheer bliss and divine. One of its kind magnetic shower sets works effectively. The ferromagnetic technology provides precision to its effectiveness.

The warm, soaking water inclusion is the outcome of a denser water design and bigger beads that hold their warmth longer to calm and revive. The Magnetic Combo shower includes a detachable hand shower, which can run independently from or at the same time with the Magnetic showerhead, giving you the glow and adaptability of 2 surges of water without a moment's delay.

Appreciate the reassurance of water spilling from the Magnetic showerhead. In contrast, the Magnetic hand shower offers the adaptability to attain different errands like washing your kids, washing your pets, or keeping your shower clean. The Magnetic combo shower 2-in-1 Shower is a speedy and straightforward approach to overhaul your shower.


An overhead shower is a basic necessity of any bath space, and we at RN valves believe in making your regular showering experience an extraordinary one.

An overhead shower will give you the utmost washing experience. At RN, we provide both of your states of overhead showers in different sizes. These overhead showers are single-stream showers with Rain streams. The broad scope of overhead showers will meet every requirement. The silicon made spouts make the product easy to scrub that makes it even easy to clean . You can cleanse your shower by merely scouring your fingers on the faucets.


Hand showers are the products of personal solace and sanitation. It provides a proper control and allows you to customize your bath and cleanliness altogether. With a sturdy handle grip and well-mounted spout, hand showers are an extra advantage to your showering experience.

The wide variety of range of RN hand showers comes with different designs and accessibility options allowing you to customize your bathrooms your way. It also helps in reducing water usage and making full use of every drop resulting in saving the environment and your money both at the same time.


RN valves & faucets provide an ultimate range of shower arms for everyday bathroom usage. The high-quality range of shower arms is available for you to customize your showers the way you want.


The new range of progressive body jets from RN valves is what you need to add an extra layer to your showering experience. The small-sized, high power jets allow fast and pleasing cleaning.

The modest design gives an extra allowance for a better layout for your lavatory.


RN Valves offers you a charismatic range of walling outlets. Made of brass, these wall outlets are highly durable and can add a mesmerizing touch to your bathroom. Our wall outlets are available in modern designs and clean geometrical shapes like solid cubes, cylindrical, and circles.