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Are you tired of spending your money in redecorating your bath space again and again? And still did not get the result you wanted? Don’t worry we have got you covered. At RN Valves & Faucets you will find a wide range of bathroom accessories online. Our bathroom accessories do a fabulous job in creating your bath space more serviceable. The modern bathroom fittings add the perfect amount of glossiness and raise the bar of your bathroom. Buy bathroom accessories at accessible rates from RN. The range includes Black beauty, Stone series, Rose series, Cute ceramic, Gold ceramic, Platinum super, Elite series, Sachi series, Square series, Eco Series and Basket. Each range completes the desire of modern needs with its uniqueness. These above mentioned bathroom accessories further include soap baskets, bathroom shelfs,  towel shelfs, towel rings, paper holders, and many more. Visit the nearest RN dealer or click on the website to buy bathroom accessories.

Buy Modern Bathroom Fittings and Bath Accessories Online

Bathrooms are a place where people spend most of their “me” time in this fast forward not stopping world. A bathroom not only revolves around the toilet, shower area, or washbasins. Adding the right bathroom accessories to your bath space not only upgrades your bathroom but also speaks a lot about an individual’s personality. A bathroom accessory overall completes the richness of your bathroom. While styling or decorating a bathroom it takes a lot of ingeniousness to carry out a luxury bathroom makeover. Finding the perfect bath fitting that uplifts the bath space provides a true sense of luxury to the space. We give equal attention to the smallest needs when it comes to a perfect bath space creation. The comprehensive range of RN bath accessories is designed for almost every personalized bath and the quality and design of these accessories add charm to your bathroom. Our bath accessories consist of almost everything you need in your everyday bathroom such as soap baskets, robe hook, towel shelf, paper holder, etc.

Types of Modern Bath Accessories


BLACK BEAUTY (Series 8000)

  • For all the black lovers, we present you with the ultimate range of black beauty collections of bath accessories. The fine finish of this collection is soothing and satisfying. The solid-body design gives an aesthetic look to your lavatory.

STONE SERIES (Series 8010)

  • The perfect blend of chromium-plated zinc and stone, The Stone Collection offers a rock-solid range of bath accessories. The sleek and shiny body is a treat to your eyes.

ROSE SERIES (Series 8020)

  • Enjoy the essence of royalty with the new Rose series of bath accessories. These accessories have zinc as a base which provides an eye-pleasing look. Its unique design enhances the overall appearance.

CUTE CERAMIC (Series 8030)

  • Experience the beauty of ceramic material and astonishing structure with the Cute ceramic series of bath accessories. The ceramic material is strong enough to resist cracking and stand up to extreme heat and cold.

GOLD CERAMIC (Series 8040)

  • Let’s fall in love with the essence of royalty again with the Gold Ceramic series. These accessories have zinc & ceramic as a base that gives you an eye-catching look. The highlight of the collection is its gold plating.

PLATINUM SUPER (Series 8050)

  • The newly refined Platinum super series of bath accessories. The marvelous design like never before, these bath accessories are made with precise detailing. The curves are so smooth that you may crave to have a touch every time you visit your bath space.

ELITE SERIES (Series 8060)

  • The superior of all in terms of quality and design, the Elite series of bath accessories are appealing and engaging. The zinc made base allows it to last longer and the chromium plating adds up a luster to its surface.

SACHI SERIES (Series 8070)

  • The sleek, slim, and flat surface design of the Sachi series of bath accessories are what every contemporary bathroom needs. The zinc base made accessory is delightful when it comes to looks and chromium plating allows it to look brighter and shinier like never before.

SQUARE SERIES (Series 8080)

  • The clean high end finished square series of bath accessories are a miracle of modern architecture. The bold square design with an edge-cutting finish looks beautiful and appealing.

ECO SERIES (Series 8090)

  • With the minimalist design and tenacious looks, the eco series of bath accessories are amazingly impressive in terms of design. These budget-friendly bath accessories are hard to resist.


  • This high-quality range of accessories is built to last longer and the variety of designs allows you to choose a suitable basket according to your space availability.

Find Your Perfect Modern Bathroom Fittings

With the abundance of native and global brands selling bath accessories,  the market is certainly flooded and it can make you, as a buyer, into a puzzle. To avoid situations like these, you can actually do some basic research and find the perfect bath accessories online. You can browse some innovative or creative guides, e-magazines and register them down in the tally of the best bathroom accessories and fittings that you are looking for. For the best experience, we recommend you to search “bath accessories near me” and visit the nearby store to get a firsthand experience of the product.

You can also search for “modern bathroom accessories near me” and walk to the nearest RN dealer that will provide you with the best and detailed information across the country. You will find each and everything you've dreamed of. In this tough time of the pandemic where everything is online, we have provided every detail of each product on our website so that you can do your shopping hassle free. Our bathroom accessories are available in different designs, colours, sizes, and finishes. In case of any query, you can contact us. At RN we provide you the best yet affordable price with the best quality products.

Why are RN Bathroom Accessories the Topmost?

RN is a homegrown company that grew by the trust and love of its customers. RN provides a wide range of modern bathroom fittings online as it transforms your bathroom into a top notch aesthetic place. Our collection of luxury bathroom accessories are created with explicate and steward by a reputable creator. We have designer manufacturing units with world class labs that ensure every faucet including the sanitary tap, kitchen tap, and shower taps provide the great height of quality with regulatory standards. RN bathroom accessories are soothing and satisfying in their own way. RN bathroom accessories stand top notch with their unique and affordable price range and quality. 

Bringing luxury at an affordable price. Voguish, modern yet classic faucets that go with every interior possible. With solitary features, the bathroom fittings work seamlessly and have a strong build that made them stand steady for many years. Astonishing every look specialist designed by our experts with mirror look and matte technology that safeguards the bathroom accessories from dust.