Privacy Policy

We, at RN Valves, assure you that your information is safe with us. We are committed to your privacy to the fullest.

We may require this personal information for further processing:
  • Name, contact information, telephone number and email address
  • Business address, telephone number and email address
  • other information related to service and product delivery
  • Transaction information for payments and billings
  • Information necessary to provide services or products

  • All the data collected through online sources are:
  • Data from website
  • Data from social media such as facebook, instagram, linkedin, etc.
  • Data from messaging apps such as whatsapp

  • All the information gathered is kept confidential and can only be used by the officials of our company in order to provide better products and services.
    The distribution or disclosure of any information is done according to these privacy policies and is governed by and operated in accordance with the laws of India.
    For any future details regarding privacy policy or any other information, mail us at

    Quality Policy

    Quality is the center of the enterprise management, we execute the full implementation of ISO90000 Quality management system from design research, development to manufacturing. The whole process of tracking and inspection ensures that each process is always in a controlled state, to provide a strong guarantee of the excellent quality.<

    Inspection is an important vehicle to control and verify the quality of the products. We rely on advanced technology with excellent equipment support to analyze the characteristics of the control points to achieve the purpose of scientific control of quality.

    Assured RN We ensure quality inspections at the early stages too. All the raw materials, spare parts, and accessories are well checked and all the unnecessary units which failed to pass the quality test get eliminated immediately.