Different Types of Taps You Need in Your Life to Add Luxury - Taps for Bathroom


You put so much effort and hard work into decorating your bathroom. Ever thought of adding luxury products there? There is an old saying that one should always keep their bathroom and kitchen clean as people who come from outside will always judge you by how you keep your bathroom & kitchen. Don’t worry we got you covered.  A tap adds a sophisticated look to your bathroom giving the luxurious feel that you were missing. A bathroom plays a small role in the day to day life but it is a place where you can have your actual “me” time. We have a wide range of taps to choose from. We provide premium quality taps ensuring leakproof cartridges & resist corrosion. Let’s take a look at our most selling and famous luxurious taps.


These taps are the need of the hour. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, the world is running towards the Sensor taps. It saves a lot of water and is eco-friendly. These taps are super hygienic and give you a clean healthy hand wash. This Covid-19 situation is not gonna leave us soon, it's better to accept the “new normal”. The sensor taps are highly modernized, made from the latest technology. It doesn't give the chance to spread the bacteria & virus making you & your family safe. One simply doesn't have to worry about touching the faucet while you are out. You just have to put your hand under the tap, the inbuilt sensor will detect your hand movement and the water will automatically come out, vice versa. It can be used in multiple locations like the kitchen, public restroom, etc. Experience the new way of washing your hand with us. Explore the wide range of sensor taps that are available in different designs & colours at an affordable price.


There are many versatile tap types available with us. The pillar tap type is one of the primeval taps you have ever witnessed. These taps are mostly wall mounted that go well on any washbasin. Moreover, with these taps, one can simply control both the temperature (hot & cold) and the flow of water. We have a wide range of pillar taps to choose from. Our products are designed with precision moreover, the taps go with every interior. The aesthetically pleasing pillar taps give a pleasant & smooth experience. These taps are easy to operate and have a mirror look technology that doesn’t allow the dirt to stay on them.


The big difference between the pillar tap and a mixer tap is that alternatively of having two separate outlets for cold & hot water according to the needs. Designer and stylish mixer tap give you the best performance and provide a smooth flow. Our mixer taps are made from the latest technology and are tested by professionals. These mixer taps are leakproof and resist corrosion & rust. 


As the name suggests, the wall mounted taps are those taps that are mounted to the wall behind a sink or basin, they appear to be floating over the sink or basin. They are easy to clean and access. Secondly, these taps provide room for hand washing & other tasks. These wall mounted taps give the most stylish looks of all time. Furthermore, these wall mounted taps are the most designer taps that are perfect for the modern basin design. We have two different wall mounted basin taps. 

  1. hole mixer taps, single lever
  2. hole mixer taps, two handles

We stand to provide the best quality of taps according to our customer’s needs at affordable options.


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