How To Pick Overhead Shower For Your Showering Experience


A good bath after a long hectic day is the most relaxing part of the day. The concept of taking a bath in a bathtub may not appeal to everyone. Some people enjoy bathing in the rain. An overhead shower not only improves your showering experience but also adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom. With so many shower options, you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Overhead Shower

Temperature Control for a Variety of Climates

Why can't you experience different types of water temperature while having a bath in a place like India, where you would experience numerous types of weather? We know you won’t prefer to take a cold water shower in winters, and neither want to take a hot shower in this boiling summer. So, what stops you from taking a shower at your preferred temperature?  A thermostatic mixer valve allows you to regulate and control the temperature of the water according to your demands. It's a must-have accessory that mixes hot and cold water to your desired temperature and rapidly adjusts the mix of cold and hot water in response to any change in water pressure or temperature. 

Showers with multiple functions

Rain, Waterfall, Mist, and Revolve are some of the several types of overhead showers you'll see. These features are ideal for putting you in a good mood. Depending on your mood, you can choose from a variety of flows.

Wall vs Ceiling Mount

Ceiling-mounted showerheads were once popular. Installing a shower in your ceiling, on the other hand, might be a major plumbing undertaking. As a result, the popularity of the wall-mounted shower has grown. Both wall and ceiling mounts have distinct plumbing methods and give your bathroom a different style, so select cautiously.

Shower Dimensions

The size of the shower should be determined by the size and dynamics of your bathroom. Do not choose a size that is too little or too large. You can visit one of our approved showrooms and speak with one of our specialists about the appropriate shower size for your bathroom.

Pressure in the Water

When it comes to water pressure, the floor of your home is also crucial. The apartment on the top floor has poor water pressure, whereas the house on the ground floor has excellent water pressure.

The shower should be positioned correctly

Consider whether you want a ceiling-mounted overhead shower or a wall-mounted overhead shower before choosing a shower design. The angle of the water flow is affected by your choice. To get the water to reach all regions of your body with a wall-mounted showerhead, you must turn and twist your body. The water from a ceiling-mounted shower head, on the other hand, falls directly on your head.

With the aforementioned considerations in mind, you can select the best overhead shower for your bathroom and enjoy a luxurious bath!

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