What to Consider while Choosing a Health Faucet


While selecting fixtures and convenience for your bathroom, you tend to choose the best washbasin, faucets, toilet, bathtubs, showers with the thought that it will provide you utmost satisfaction. Choosing the right health faucet comes with the duty of an ample amount of thought, planning, and comparing it to the other ones. 

These bathroom amenities, also known as bidet showers, hand faucets, and bathroom health faucets, are indisputably a vital feature of every bathroom. They are practical, hassle-free, and, most importantly, they improve personal hygiene. Cleanliness is also kept to a high standard, with precision and ease.

Although there are two different types of bidet sprays, a detachable hand spray, and an attachable butterfly spray. Detachable hand spray is more trendy and popular these days. The heath faucets come with handheld nozzles with a trigger that start delivering a satisfying flow of water. The health faucet is connected with a water source through a nearby pipe to the toilet. In between usage, the nozzle is kept in a wall-mounted stand.

Before buying a bathroom health faucet there are few things that you should know. The health faucet is used on a daily basis and you don’t want it to create any trouble. To avoid situations like these, keep the below mentioned tips in mind before purchasing a health faucet


A decent sanitary shower has thicker pore openings in the head of the nozzle when it comes to water pressure. This ensures steady water pressure over time and prevents the nozzle from clogging due to the buildup of hard water deposits. Regular leaks and changing water pressure are avoided in this manner. Again, the health faucet should be made of a non-corrosive metal so that it does not corrode or wear away with everyday use.


A pipe is such an important part as it associates the water source to the nozzle. The water is carried through these pipes and then it delivers a smooth flow of water. Before making a purchase always ensure the flexibility and length of the pipe for a better reach. In addition, ensure that the pipe should be leakproof and should be made of PVC. It assures to deliver a smooth working of a health faucet. 

Hygiene and durability:

Most people usually are unaware of bidet spray that is metal trumps plastic. Metal bathroom health faucets are always of superior grade and provide better hygiene. In a plastic spray, particles tend to become embedded or caught in the apertures, but this is not the case with a metal nozzle. Metal is also more robust because it resists the formation of hard water deposits, which tend to damage or clog plastic. For these reasons, metal hand faucets should always be used in restrooms.


Before you go out and get a bathroom health faucet, make sure you measure the distance between the floor and where you want your wall hook to go. This should be close to the toilet so that reaching back and grabbing it is simple. This will assist you in determining how long the pipe should be. You should also consider whether you want your bidet spray to be connected to a tap or to a direct connection to the water or source. For each of these variants, different nozzles and pipelines are available.

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