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We all are in this pandemic together, and to fight it, all we need is to stay safe and sanitized. With the rise in concern of cleanliness and social distancing, the need for sensors and touchless technologies flourishing itself.  

When it comes to day-to-day hygiene needs, automatic dispensers not just provide you with an easy alternative of hand-washing but also allow purely touchless and safe sanitization. Every time we use our regular bathroom space, especially when in public, every other place seems to be an invitation to germs and viruses. Even using soap before and after hand wash is an unsafe option in today’s scenario.  

Automatic soap/sanitizer dispensers are a need of the modern era. These can be used inside or outside the washroom.       


An automatic dispenser is a machine that dispenses soap or sanitizer without any touch. The NO TOUCH dispensers use sensors to detect and thus dispense. This easy to use device allows you to have a safe wash where automatic soap dispenser gives you a better alternative than your regular soap for daily washing, automatic sanitizer dispenser gives you a complete cleaning alternative where you can sanitizer yourself on the go. They are usually installed in walls in public restrooms but in some places, Automatic soap dispensers are placed near the sink area. This is because soap requires water but sanitizers are easy to use can allow you to clean without any water.


HYGIENE ABOVE ALL: Automatic soap/sanitizer dispenser is a great deal in terms of hygiene management. These fully automatic dispensers are a perfect product for contactless washing. All you need to do is to put your hands down under these dispensers. The highly functional sensors automatically detect and dispense a calculated amount of soap/ sanitizer. In today’s world, hygiene is a serious concern, and to attain a completely safe and secure hand washing, one needs to do a lot of hard work in making sure a perfect wash. We all know the fact that normal soaps are not that efficient in terms of complete hygiene as it requires a constant human touch. This may lead to the transportation of germs and bacteria resulting in an unsatisfied and unfulfilled cleaning.  

MONEY SAVER: Clearing all myths about high costing, these automatics dispensers are a good alternative in long term usage. The refiling of these dispensers is very easy and the energy consumption is very less, as they can function over the battery system. It also restricts wastage by dispensing a calculated amount of soap/sanitizer. The regular soaps we use in our day-to-day life may sound like a cheap option but there is a high amount of wastage involved and proper placement and maintenance is required. 

LUXURY EXPERIENCE: Yes, that’s true! These automatic dispensers are the new trends in smart bathrooms. These premium finished automatic dispensers are way ahead of time. The sleek and minimalistic look of these dispensers makes them a great option for enhancing the aura of your lavatory. Installing these automatic hand wash dispensers can be the first step towards a smart bathroom desires.

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