RN Upvc Ball Valve, Hexagonal Type Heavy, Socket

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Category : UPVC Valve
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Salient Features:
Thermoplastic design eliminates process and atmospheric corrosion
Pressure rated up to 150 psi, non-shock water at 73°F (Tested to 225 psi)
100% Leak-tested
Socket dimensions meet ASTM standard PVC: 2-2467
FIPT X FIPT version: Threads meet ASTM standard d-2464, ANSI B1.20.1
PVC Material meets ASTM D - 1784
Bi-directional: can be installed in either direction

Product Details

The product has multiple size options and is 100% leak proof. RN UPVC Ball Valve, Hexagonal Type Heavy ART-3750 is highly effective & durable because of the presence of high quality UPVC. The hexagon type heavy ball valves are made in such a way to make them last long. The thermoplastic design eliminates processes and atmospheric corrosion. The pressure rated up to 150 psi, non-shock water at 73°F (Tested to 225 psi) & the socket dimension meets the ASTM standard PVC: 2-2467. The PVC material meets ASTM D standard 1784. The most interesting point of the product is that it is bi- directional valves that can be installed in either way.


⦁ Controlling the pressure of liquid

⦁ Used in irrigation, residential area

⦁ Prevents the backward flow of liquid

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