Health Faucets and RN Automatic Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

Health & Hygiene Products


  • RN Valves & Faucets are determined to provide a product best suited for its consumers. Our health faucets are designed with precision and efficiency to offer a splash-less water stream for lesser noise and dirt. Using modern technologies to develop a cleaning spray for a smooth and comfortable water flow taking the best care of health and hygiene while attending all your sanitary needs.


  • Hygiene is a necessity of the modern world. RN Valves introduce you with the new and stylish Paper Towel Dispenser. The smooth and easy functioning of this towel dispenser will allow you to have your paper towel with ease. The minimalist design allows this towel dispenser to add a professional touch to your sanitary place.


  • RN Valves presents you with a new range of hand dryers. The real essence of modernity, these new-style dryers are an ultimate addition to any sanitary space. Our range of hand dryers allows perfectly even and fast dry. Specially made for high-end usage, our hand dryers can be used in public places like malls and public restrooms.


  • The ultimate range of hair dryers from RN Valves is highly functional for public usage. These hair dryers are made for regular use and are designed to provide a sleek look to any place. These hair dryers are water spray resistant as it certifies on IP Ratings.


  • Automatic soap/sanitizer dispensers are a need of the modern era. These can be used inside or outside the washroom. The ultimate range of RN touchless dispensers allows complete cleaning of hands and with innovation in technology, these automatic dispensers are highly responsive and durable. The new range of automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispensers provides proper sanitization without any need for water or washbasin, making it a perfect choice for on the go cleaning.