Exposed Shower Set

Thermostatic Exposed Shower Sets

Uncovered showers sets from RN Valves let you transform your arrangements into reality more effectively than you would accept conceivable. From intending to getting a charge out of can be such a straight forward advance.

RN Valves thermostatics exposed shower sets with Advance innovation lie at the core of all our shower sets. It gives the right shower temperature in a small amount of a second and keeps it steady – guaranteeing lavish showering at a consummately controlled temperature. RN Valves thermostatic shower blender offers a decent grasp consistently, even with wet or lathery hands. Exchanging between hand or head shower is straight forwardness itself with the SmartControl coordinated right now sets.

Three zones of showering pleasure at your fingertips. Exposed Shower Sets Transform from one to the next with a turn of the button. Simply by continually turning the button you can enjoy the powerful Jet spray, followed by the wider Showers Rain spray for an energising yet relaxing effect

The sleek polished showerhead and cylindrical profile make the Exposed Shower Sets the perfect choice for modern, architectural bathrooms. A shower system that is easy to install, the Thermostatic Exposed Shower Sets offers all the advantages of RN Advance technology. The showerhead and shower arm can be swivelled to create the perfect angle. The shower rail features an inner water guide and the thermostatic RN Technology means you can take a luxurious shower that always stays at the preselected temperature.

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