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A washroom is a spot for unwinding, delight and energizing your batteries. So fill it with happiness. Spare vitality easily, ensure against variances in water temperature, scrub down with a reasonable soul. RN Faucets places quality time in your restroom in innumerable manners.

we offer a range of different kinds of sensor taps so there’s something that is suitable for every kind of washroom environment.

Automatic sensor tap provides magic like NO TOUCH type operation in washbasins or sinks and are hygienic in use. They add style and more prestigious look to your offices, organization.

These Automatic Tap Systems are designed on latest solid-state electronic techniques to provide exclusive performance, durability, and dependability in continuous use even in the highest humidity levels of toilets.

Touchless Taps | Sensor Faucets

The Sensor faucets assortment is for the cutting edge washbasins where you need to go touchless. Ergonomically created, the range is a blend of unobtrusive bends and shrewd synthesis. These are shrewd spigots sensor faucets that makes life a tiny bit simpler by utilizing programmed sensors to distinguish when the need of water stream. Include with it a smooth and building look, this is one of the most moderate yet alluring fixtures that you will run over. This flawless scope of fixtures is currently accessible
  • The Sensor Faucet is automatically turned on and off by sensor. Totally hands free faucet.
  • Touchless design provides hands-free and germ-free operation.
  • Automatic sensor bathroom faucet made of solid brass chrome plated,lead free, durable and healthy.

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