Single lever Mixer

Single Lever Mixer | Brass Single Lever Mixer

Single lever mixers square measure an essential feature of recent kitchens, With one grasp, you'll management each the water temperature and therefore the flow. this is often sensible and saves you time and water. expertise the opposite benefits of single-lever mixer faucets , what role the ceramic cartridge plays and the way best to position the management lever.

Single Lever Mixer - A Better Choice !!

Single-lever mixers have become more and more in style. you'll be able to set each the water flow and therefore the temperature victimization only one hand. This makes this mixer faucet a cut on top of its ancient two-handle counterparts. and therefore the straightforward management isn’t the sole advantage.Single-lever mixers use abundant less water compared to two-handle mixer faucets. because it takes less time to line the temperature, less unused water lands up flowing straight down the drain with a single-lever mixer faucet. this can be excellent news for the atmosphere – and your water bill!

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