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We are in the era of accepting new norms, and well hygiene are what topped the list among new ones. Hygiene is a matter of concern and it will be. Showers have been a great investment in bathroom renovations. Chrome-plated hand showers are some of the key additions in the bathroom arena.  

When it comes to new styles and technologies, hand showers are the one that stands out in its name in the bathroom industry. Hand showers are easy to use as it provides a customized bathing experience and also can be used for multi-purposes. Over the years, the hand shower was used as an additional showering device along with the main overhead shower. 

Chrome-plated hand showers are now available in so many different sizes, designs, and they also allow you to have a better in-hand feel. The only confusion people have these days about hand showers is that, is a single hand shower is enough for a complete bathing solution? The answer is yes! Nowadays, hand showers are way more comfortable these days. 

Advantages of hand showers

  • Comfort at its best 

Hand showers are one of the most comfortable and easy to use showering device. Hand showers help you to clean your shower walls or other bathroom areas with ease. You don't have to worry about how you will rinse off the soap scum after a good scrubbing of your body. A fixed showerhead only allows you to rinse about half of the shower walls, but a hand shower provides the ability to rinse every inch of your shower area hassle-free.

  • Assisted Bathing

One of the most useful advantages of hand showers is that it aids in assisted showering for both newborns or your children and big aged guardians. It is an added convenience and comfort for everyone of all ages when utilizing a hand shower. A great advantage of hand showers is that they allow the elderly to maintain their independence with the ability to shower on their own. Hand showers make wash off shampoo out of your child’s hair much easy and without hustle.

  • Natural massager

Yes, you heard it right! Hand showers can be used as a natural body massager. The pressure exerted by hand showers can give you a pleasurable massaging experience. A cold shower can freshen up your body and energize your cells to make you ready for a day full of hustle. 

  • Classy designs

Hand showers are truly amazing to enhance your bathroom standards. They are amazingly functional and alluring. Hand showers are now available in many different options and designs. Chrome-plated hand showers are one of the most demanded and appealing due to its high durability and easy to clean handle.

  • Pets friendly 

You can use your hand shower to clean your pets. Pet cleaning is a tough job and a lot of water got wasted while doing this job. These hand showers can easily assist you to clean your pets. The easy long hose pipe helps you to move it the way you want. This helps you work from every angle and thus ensures proper cleaning. 

RN Valves and faucets offer a wide range of chrome-plated hand showers and they are available in so many different sizes and designs. Quality assurance and durability are some of the key features of this brand.

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