It has been more than one and a half years since the pandemic began. Our life changed overnight and it suddenly stopped. We have witnessed the two most deadly waves of the Covid-19 virus. Doctors and scientists are indicating the third wave of the virus in August and September. It seems difficult to say that soon the virus will leave us. With the passing of time, the markets, offices, shops, etc are opening slowly. We advise you if there is an emergency only then you should step out of your house. But as the market is opening people are going out for work, shopping, outings and many other reasons. They might need a public restroom to use and we understand the anxiety you have while using the same. You may be searching for some worksite sanitation tips in this pandemic. Don’t worry we have got you covered, below are some tips on how to use the public restroom without getting infected with the Covid - 19 virus.

1. Don’t take too long: It is believed that the more you spend time in a public restroom, the higher the chances of getting infected with germs and viruses. By spreading less time we mean to finish your business and wash your hands properly with soap for at least 20 seconds. It is ideal for you to not wait inside a restroom for your turn or for a friend. Once you are done you should go to open space.

2. Physical distancing is important: In this time of chaos, people are advised to follow social distancing. It is advised that one should at least have a six feet distance between you and the other person. Scientists and doctors believe that by practicing social distancing there is less chance of spreading viruses, bacteria, and germs. Maintaining a distance will only benefit you and your family's health and safety. We understand that there might be times when you need a toilet break, we advise you to wait for them if the washroom is already occupied.

Tips to Stay Healthy

3. Avoid touching surfaces: A public washroom has the potential to carry germs, bacteria, and viruses. It's important to not touch surfaces of the bathroom and you can easily catch them. It is advisable that one should always use the elbows or the feet to open or push the faucet and door of the public restroom. Whenever you wash your hands in public restrooms you should always carry toilet seat paper covers. As they are easy to use and are much more hygienic.

4. Take your own sanitizer: It's always a task to find a good public restroom even if you find one; you often think that it is even hygienic or not? We understand how difficult and skeptical it is especially in this pandemic. It's high time now you should start carrying your own sanitizer. It will prevent you from infection, allergies, and many more UTI problems. Sanitize the surfaces, door, and Bathroom Faucets before touching them.

5. Never carry any essentials: One should never take their phone, bag and any other accessories. They tend to get infected easily. If there is an emergency only then you should take your other stuff with you. Once you are out of the washroom it is advisable that one should sanitize them all.

We hope that you and your family are safe during this pandemic. Step out only if it is necessary, wear your mask and wash your hands properly. RN Valves and Faucets provides you the true essence of luxury at an affordable price.

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