Essentials You Need for a Modern Bathroom


A modern bathroom is not just a bathroom you want, it's a bathroom you need. With innovation in technology and rising demand for hygiene, the new age bathroom products are the right choice for you. In this world where time is money and nature is dying, you don't want yourself to contribute to it even more. The bathroom is the only room that serves with the best “Me time” assuring the sheer relaxation of body and mind. So, pamper yourself and contribute water-saving both at the same time with these “4 essentials you need for a modern bathroom”. 


Getting late for work and wanting a quick cleaning to freshen up your day or thinking about letting yourself go free with the mild touch of water on your skin to energize your soul, the new range of shower sets is what you need. The charismatic design of the exposed shower set allows you a complete cleaning experience. 

With a multi-flow hand and wide overhead shower, your personal hygiene is in safe hands. The complete shower set allows you to access all your shower essentials from one place. The prodigious design helps spare your space and provides you with a lavish décor to your washroom. 

A perfect shower allows you to relieve muscles and energize your cells to lower muscle tension, soreness, and fatigue. The soft-touch of water stimulates muscles resulting in faster muscle recovery. This can be extremely beneficial in case someone is suffering from painful ailments as it eases the pressure caused by such afflictions. 


Contactless technology and utilities are the need for new era consumers. When it comes to sanitation and hygiene, having a second thought on risking your sanitation is not even a choice. Sensor faucets are the new age solution of your regular sanitation issues. 
While you spend your time to ensure the cleanliness of our bathroom arena, it allows us to save up our time with its precise operation. It also contributes to saving water that our world needs right now. 
water conservation is a much more serious topic than it sounds. With a regular tap, the waste of water comes at a heavy cost for the environment. Automatic touchless faucets allow a calculated amount of water to flow for a good enough wash resulting in saving both the environment and your money at the same time. 
In regular faucets, the constant touch of the handle while operation creates a questionable hygiene argument. With innovation in technology, the sensor faucets totally touchless devices and operates with full precision allowing full sanitation on a day-to-day basis. 
Sensor faucets are the true energy savers in the world of modern bathroom fittings. Sensor faucets do not require electricity to function. The battery system works in every situation.  Breaking the stereotype of new technologies consuming more energy, this energy-efficient device not only just allows energy conversation but also functions as a temperature controller.  


If you haven’t heard of the name health faucet yet, well it's right there every day but you might not have noticed it that way. While choosing the right shower, bathtub, basin, tiles for your bathroom, health faucets might not be the one on your mind but needs to be put into consideration. 
Popularly known as bidet or hand spray, health faucets are the prime product for your daily hygiene. With the rise in technology, your regular hygiene routine becomes better and healthier. Having multiple operations, these bathroom amenities are undeniably an essential part of modern-day sanitization routine. This conventional, hustle-free product enables better personal serenity with accuracy and ease. 
Health faucets provide better skincare – Using an authentic toilet paper can cause some irritation and skin related problems that make one feel uncomfortable during the day. It can also reduce a lot of plumbing problems and clogging of the toilet. A slight sum of paper can cause clogging and will eventually require a plumber to get the unclogging done. This enhances the plumber expenses as well. So using health faucets can reduce costs and also keep the toilet spotless and tidy. 


Bath accessories can easily add charm to your minimalistic bathroom. These are one of the most overlooked products of the bathroom but definitely one of the important considerations when it comes to a lavish and hustle-free bath experience. Best Bath Accessories allow you to customize your bathroom according to your needs and space specifications of your personalized baths space. Adding little detailing in the arena, bath accessories enhance the charisma providing composure. 

Bath accessories for a better bathing experience 

  • Bath accessories for a better bathing experience
  • Provide more features for personalized usage
  • Add detailing to your bathroom
  • Lavish and hustle-free experience
  • Can be customized according to your space


The sky's the limit for the imagination of a dream bath space, let’s just get a bit closer for now with the ultimate range of bathroom fittings of RN Valves & Faucets. Every detail matters when it comes to a place where you spend a lot of personal time. Spicing things up by upgrading your regular products for better sensation and long-lasting experience. 

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